A sampling of the thousands of print, web and electronic marketing pieces Student Affairs Marketing and Communications (SAMC) creates for Enrollment Services and Student Affairs clients each year.



Student Affairs Marketing and Communications 

Students Affairs Marketing and Communications (SAMC) provides print, photo/video and web marketing, design, and editorial support to 34 departments within the divisions of Enrollment Services and Student Affairs at UC Riverside. Our work reaches current students as well as prospective students around the world. 


Our Work

You can find SAMC’s work displayed across campus, distributed at events, in the mailboxes of admitted students, and on the more than 50 UCR websites we’ve designed and managed. During Fiscal Year 2018–19, SAMC created 2,456 pieces for our Enrollment Services and Students Affairs clients at no charge (client departments are responsible for printing costs). Download our 2018–19 Annual Report and explore a small sampling of the print, web, and photography work we’ve created in the portfolio below.


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Our Staff

SAMC is a staffed by an expert creative team of writers, designers, and videographers with over 200 years of combined marketing, design, editorial, web, video, photography, and ad agency experience. 




Administrative Support