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5 things to consider before submitting a marketing request

What goal are you to trying to accomplish with this project?
Ultimately, what action should your audience take? Do you want students to attend an event? Do you want them to learn more about a resource, new product or public service announcement?

What is your time frame?
Please remember that any project will require time set aside for a marketing consultation, production process and approvals — plus potentially printing and mailing.

Has this project been promoted before?
 If the answer is yes, was it successful? Why or why not? Is this project part of a larger UC, state or nationwide campaign?

What materials do you already have?
Photos? Artwork? Text? Please refer to these materials when submitting your marketing request and provide them via digital attachment, or bring them to your marketing consultation.

Who should be included in our discussion?
Please include all of the names of your meeting participants in your marketing request. It will speed up the process of scheduling your marketing consultation.

Workfront Training Guide

Workfront lets you submit and track your project requests, from start to finish. Download the Training Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule a marketing meeting?
As soon as you have an idea for a project, we're here to help. More importantly, we want to hear your ideas —  whatever they are - and work with you to find creative solutions.
How much do you charge?
Our services are free for departments within the Division of Student Affairs. Each department is responsible for additional costs of printed materials and postage (if necessary).
How long will my project take?
Production time depends on the scope of the project. It's always best to submit your marketing request as soon as you have a project idea. That way we can schedule a marketing consultation and begin discussing your options.
Where are you located?
Our offices are located on the third floor of theStudent Services Building, near the middle of UCR's main campus and directly across from Costo Hall.

Our mailing address is:
900 University Avenue
3250 Student Services Building
Riverside, CA 92521
What is the difference between Strategic Communications and Student Affairs Marketing & Communications?
Unlike Strategic Communications, our marketing efforts are mostly targeted at prospective and current students, and our clients are specifically departments within the Division of Student Affairs. If you have questions about media relations, UCR magazine or,
please contact Strategic Communications.
Are you hiring?
UC Riverside is always looking for diverse and talented staff to impact the lives of students and our community. The best way to apply for any position, within Student Affairs Marketing & Communications or at UC Riverside, is to visit
Last Modified: 9/25/17