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Case Study: The Well

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The Well

The Challenge:
Establish an entirely new brand for the Well and promote it as UC Riverside's on-campus destination for student wellness education, resources and support.

The Well was created in 2009 as part of a campus and UC system-wide Mental Health/Healthier Campus Climate Initiative. The Well provides a safe, supportive, and connected campus environment through the promotion of healthy minds, bodies and communities. A network of peer educators, mentors and professionals support students in the areas of physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellness.

Branding and visual identity:
Soft curves, light hues and lower-case letters are all trademarks of the Well's visual style. All of the visual branding is intended to connote a sense of calmness, safety and inclusiveness. Accompanying text reemphasizes the Well's holistic empowering theme and reduces the stigma surrounding mental health. The type, logos — even the name — were tested prior to the Well's launch with focus groups of students and partnering campus departments.

Online marketing: features a graphical slider at the top of its home page promoting upcoming events and Well resources. The Programs & Services section highlights several programs including Go Pedometer, the Well's Speaker Series and its Peer Network. A Resources section contains downloadable brochures and links to self-help assessments.

Offline materials include posters, brochures, T-shirts, promotional giveaways, banners and event signage.
Client Testimonial: 
"Student Affairs Marketing and Communications has been an active and wonderful partner in shaping wellness efforts at UC Riverside.  Designers and writers have collaborated with us in bring our vision for the WELL and Student Wellness partners into focus and provided invaluable guidance and technical skills to us to ensure that we communicate this vision and the array of opportunities for students to learn more about health and wellness and take first steps in integrating wellness into their lives.   The team has been amazingly engaged and supportive and share the credit for successes we have realized. "

Susan Allen Ortega, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs – Health & Wellness.


Last Modified: 9/25/17