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Student Affairs

The Challenge:
Promote numerous weekly and “up and coming” events from Student Affairs in one central online place so UCR students can quickly and easily find out what’s happening on campus.

UCR students were getting too many emails each day from various departments promoting separate events. Students were starting to tune out, and they vocalized their pleas for fewer emails while still wanting to be informed about what was happening on campus and when.

Branding and visual identity:
To help students easily find and digest so many event options, we created a website featuring colorful and dynamic visuals, friendly copy, and an organized information flow encompassing four main pages: Homepage, Upcoming Events, Fun Facts, and Get Connected. Each event has a related photo, important logistical information, and a description. Students can find events by category, use a calendar function, and get alerts about favorite events. The website, updated weekly, also features fun facts about UCR, presents other online links where students can go to stay connected, and is mobile-friendly.

Online marketing:
When we created, we also created two weekly emails - “RSIDE WEEKLY” for all students and “R’GRAD WEEKLY” specifically for graduate students — to drive students to the website, consolidate events into one weekly email, alleviate the number of emails the students receive, increase the odds of students viewing event information, and ultimately increase attendance at events. Event attendance has increased since the website and emails began, and click rates on the emails and website are much higher than ever before.

Many events that are promoted on the R’Side website and weekly emails have separate collateral campaign materials such as posters, cards, and electronic campaigns (LCD screens in residence halls, R’Web spotlights, etc.) to promote the events. We include the website on many of these materials, and also on other general collateral pieces such as the Guide to UCR for new students.
Client Testimonial:
"The 'Up and Coming' email feature has helped raise awareness regarding events early-on, as well as assisting immensely with planning... R’Side Weekly Rocks. It’s kinda like Nike – Just Do It!!!"

Stacey Grady,

former director of the WELL


Last Modified: 9/25/17